Solar Powered IT

\"\"Solar panels are increasingly becoming a standard in many green-oriented homes, and are being seen as an environmentally-friendly and inexpensive (in the long run) alternative to electricity or fuel. The same is true for other gadgets that have been created in order to make use of the sun’s seemingly unending supply of power.

The possibilities for solar power are being enhanced by new innovations. Samsung has just launched the very first solar-powered notebook designed for the African market, called NC215S. The device is made in such a way that almost the entire lid is composed of a solar panel, which stretches the battery life to 14 hours, depending on light conditions. The introduction of this product may well set the stage for other trends in the production of gadgets utilising solar power.

Another company that makes use of the sun’s energy is MyEco Server that uses solar energy at their data centre called the Green Facility. It has the distinction of being North America’s first data centre buy generic strattera that uses eco-friendly roofing, energy-saving LED lighting, and other green enhancements such as rainwater collection and an evaporative cooling air-conditioning system. The facility boasts of zero-carbon emissions while running AMD processors and highly efficient IBM blade servers. MyEco Server offers multiple hosting levels and the service is said to be state-of-the-art, user-friendly, and completely secure.

Devices are the current trend to showcase the strength of solar power, and this may be one reason why Apple started applying for the patent on solar-powered devices even before 2009. The company has now been awarded the unique patent, which means that it can develop its own solar-powered tools and not be hampered by regulations or competition. But there are other small devices that already make use of solar power. Nokero has produced a solar-powered mobile phone charger and Logitech has produced a wireless solar keyboard.

From traditional solar panels, night-time solar heat storage, self-cleaning solar panels to whole solar-powered communities, solar power development can only make the future brighter.