Smartphone Drives Good Performance of the Overall Mobile Phone Industry

The overall mobile phone industry in Southeast Asia’s key markets of Singapore, Malaysia, Philippines, Thailand, Vietnam, Cambodia and Indonesia continue to thrive with close to 20 million units of mobile phones worth nearly USD3 billion being sold in the first quarter of 2011, according to global leading market research company GfK Asia.

This indicates a growth of 10 percent and 8 percent respectively in unit and value terms compared to the previous quarter.

Findings from GfK Asia showed that although sales of feature phones made up more than four-fifths of the total mobile phones volume sold, growth of the industry was largely driven by the increasing adoption of smartphones which sold over 3.4 million units—reflecting a 30 percent jump compared to the last quarter of 2010.

“Despite its six percent growth in sales volume, sales value of feature phones in quarter one reported a dip of three percent over the previous quarter, largely attributed to price erosion,” noted Mr. Gerard Tan, Regional Account Director for Telecommunications at GfK Asia. “On the other hand, smartphone sales continue to escalate, hitting close to USD1.47 billion and achieving 22 percent growth during this same period of time.”

Over 800,000 more units of smartphones were sold during the first three months this yearcompared to the October to December buy valtrex online price period. In particular, smartphones on the Android operating system (OS) saw an exponential growth of 77 percent in volume sales over the previous quarter.

“Major manufacturers have been embracing the Android OS for their smartphones in recent times, thereby significantly increasing the variety of Android smartphone offerings to consumers in the markets,” commented Mr. Tan. “At the same time, it helps that Android smartphones have become increasingly appealing to consumers due to its user friendly interface and wide range of applications available.”

It is interesting to note that the Android smartphones have gained much popularity in recent months, spurring an Android smartphone model to climb the list of Southeast Asia’s top 10 smartphones models in quarter one of 2011 when none had ever made it onto this list previously.

“As the popularity of smartphones continues to soar, consumers can expect to find a wider range of more affordable smartphone models in the market as competition intensifies among the industry players,” said Mr. Tan. “There are still lots of unexplored territories and definitely plenty more room for the smartphone industry to develop further. The continued proliferation of smartphones will spur aggressive consumer adoption, and this will keep on driving the mobile phone market in the next one year or so,” he concluded.