Mobile Web Activity Measured for First Time

Mobile internet behavior has been quantified for the first time thanks to a ground-breaking research tool. Detailed insights on the mobile activity of over 200,000 mobile internet consumers in three European countries have already been produced, thanks to GfK Retail and Technology’s unique ‘Network Intelligence Solution’ (NIS).

The pioneering research method analyses mobile behaviour via operators’ IP traffic. “NIS allows us to provide both operators and the media industry with relevant and reliable information, enabling them to fully monetize mobile traffic for the first time” states Fredrik Hallberg, Managing Director of GfK NIS.

Mobile internet activity naturally takes off in the morning and by 10am high traffic is visible. The peak occurs just before 4.30pm aspeople leave to return home from the workplace. The usage differs considerably during the day and sometimes even within the same hour. For example, 7.45am can have up to 30-40% more traffic than at 7.15am on the same day. GfK Retail and Technology

A key driver for the usage of mobile internet is clearly the smartphone market and GfK research has seen a dramatic increase in sales during the past year. GfK NIS has revealed that the average smartphone user makes up to 24 web sites visits per day, and a vast majority of these are to traditional websites and not just mobile specific sites.

The NIS tool measures all websites visited using mobile internet regardless of the device; mobile phones, Smartphones, PC tablets and 3G Cards are all monitored.

The long tail of internet is obvious; the Top 50 websites only constitute about 40% of all visits. In every country measured, the popularity of Facebook is consistently remarkable. GfK has identified a cluster where Facebook is almost the exclusive site visited. “At GfK we call these ‘Facebookies’,” explained Fredrik. “They currently account for between 10-15% of all users and it will be very interesting to follow the development of this segment.”