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Road to growth: Understanding travel retail consumer behavior

By Koen Philippaerts, New Business Development Manager at EyeSee

I just returned from visiting my family in

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Mastering TikTok for Business in 2023: A Comprehensive Guide Part 1


In this digital world where social media

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It’s time to talk about OEs—what’s going on with them?

By: James Rogers, Managing Director APAC, PureSpectrum

Love them or hate them, OEs


Social Commerce: Revolutionising the Online Retail Experience

By: Si Ying Wang, 2CV

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When System 2 Counts

By Piers Lee, Managing Director, BVA BDRC Asia
System 1 thinking: a fast process;

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What is MaxDiff? And What Are Its Benefits?

By: Toluna
MaxDiff, which is short for Maximum Difference Scaling, is a survey technique used to measure the relative preferences


Brand Vision—the Human Edge

The Asia Research Breakfast Seminar 2023
By: Piers Lee, Deputy Editor, Asia Research Media
Asia Research Media held its 18th breakfast seminar in Singapore

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Tap into hidden potential with new TikTok creative insights

By: Eyesee TikTok is an undeniably influential social media platform with significant untapped …

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Game Changers: Bridging the Gap Between Marketers and Gamers

By Jonathan Smetherham, Research Director at 2CV

Gaming has evolved into a massive global phenomenon, captivating

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 Brand blocking traps you don’t want to fall into

By Bratislav Stefanovic, Sr Shopper Insights Manager at EyeSee

Brand blocking has long been a go-to merchandising technique

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Brand Loyalty: Pulling the levers on your brand to connect with consumers

By Piers Lee, Managing Director, BVA BDRC Asia

Discover the power of your brand!


The AI Research Revolution

By: Jack Wilson and Jonathan Smetherham, 2CV

The potential for artificial intelligence to enhance the market research industry is significant

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Inspecting the Impact of Global Inflation

By Toluna

Consumers have continued to feel the impact of global inflation in 2023. So how are they responding

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The Rise of Super Apps: What Are They and How Are They Changing the Mobile Marketing Industry?

By: Willy Tey, APAC research expert, GMO Research

The concept of “super apps” was introduced over a decade ago

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By GMO Research

The pet care industry is undergoing a significant transformation, fuelled by the increasing importance of pets